Couples & Families

I believe one of the most meaningful and healing experiences we can have as human beings is to be in relationship with others. Biologically, our brains are wired to connect, and when we do, research shows that we benefit in many ways. Though relationships are important to all of us, they also can be challenging.


My approach to working with couples is to strengthen the partnership through the understanding that there are two individuals involved in the relationship. With a focus on increasing individual awareness, exploring personal histories and preferred styles of interaction and the effect these have on the relationship,  I work with couples to:

  • improve communication
  • decrease conflict
  • improve physical and emotional intimacy
  • increase safety and trust
  • deepen each partner’s understanding of the other.

I welcome the opportunity to work with couples of all genders and/or sexual orientations.


A family is a system that can only work when all of the members needs are being met. Sometimes needs can go unrecognized, be misunderstood, be in conflict or be in competition for limited resources. Parents are often able to identify that something is wrong, but may not be sure how best to address it. Children may have difficulty identifying or expressing their feelings or concerns and act out instead. Feelings of being overwhelmed, inadequate or self-blame may get in the way of being able to find a resolution that supports all family members. Family therapy can be a useful process for creating a safe space in which each family member’s concerns can be expressed, dynamics and behavior can be explored and solutions can be co-created.

Family functioning can also be impacted by external factors, such as loss, moving, separation/divorce, financial stress or illness. Having a child who is experiencing behavioral, academic or social/emotional challenges at school can be stressful for the entire family. I have worked with children within the school setting and understand the complexities of treating school-age children, particularly those who have been identified with learning differences or behavioral challenges and the impact this can have on their families.

Getting a family to come to therapy can be a daunting task because it often starts with acknowledging that something is not working. Children who have not experienced therapy may not know what to expect and find the prospect of  therapy frightening. Parents may not see eye-to-eye on what’s going on or how to address it. Just coordinating busy schedules in order to get to a session can seem like an impossible task. I am sensitive to all of these challenges and will be happy to work through them with you.

Art therapy can be an extremely helpful tool for families. Saying things out loud to the people you love most can be difficult, especially for children. Art therapy provides a means for non-verbal communication that can uncover dynamics, unspoken feelings, and identify strengths through a process that is playful and creative. Just the act of making something together as a family can be a healing process.

If you think that I could be helpful to you or your family, please contact me for a free 15-minute consultation.


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